CWDM Filter

Product Documentation:CWDM Filter pdf download
Product Description:Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer (CWDM) utilizes thin film coating technology and proprietary design of non-flux metal bonding micro optics packaging.
Applications: Features:
Low insertion loss WDM/DWDM systel
High channel isolation Add/Drop system
High stability and reliability CATV system


Optical Specifications:

Parameter Unit Specification Remark
Wavelength Range nm 1260~1650  
Channel Spacing nm 20  
Pass Channel Insertion Loss dB ≤ 0.8(Typ.0.6) 23℃,at center wavelength
Reflection Channel Insertion Loss dB ≤ 0.6(Typ.0.4) 23℃,at center wavelength
Pass Port Isolation dB ≥ 30  
Reflect Port Isolation dB ≥ 15  
Directivity dB ≥ 50  
Return Loss dB ≥ 45  
Polarization Dependent Loss dB ≤ 0.1  
Ripple dB ≤ 0.3 at center wavelengths±6.5nm
Maximum Power Handling mw ≤ 300  

Note:All the data above does not include connectors.


Environmental Conditions:

Operating Temperature -5~+70
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Operating Humidity %RH ≤93
Storage Humidity %RH ≤93


Packaging Specifications

Package Size (mm) L38xφ5.5mm
Package Material Steel Stainless Tube
Fiber Type SMF-28e
Pigtail Type 250um Bare Fiber or 900um Loose Tube
Pigtail Length Customize
Connector Type Customize