1310&1490&1550 Filter WDM

Product Documentation:1310&1490&1550 Filter WDM pdf download
Product Description:1310/1490/1550 Filter WDM Devices Based on Thin-film Filter Technology are Designed to Address the Specific Requirements of the FTTx Market. Strong Coating and Passive Device Packaging Capabilities Feature.These WDMs with Excellent Optical Performance,Good Reliability and Ultra-compact Size.
Features: Applications:
Low Insertion loss Fiber Amplifier
High Channel Isolation Long-hual,Metro,Access and FTTx
Low Polarization Dependent Loss CATV Fiber Optic Links


Optical Specifications:

Parameter   Unit Value 
Operating Wavelength 1310 Band nm 1260~1360
1490 Band nm 1480~1500
1550 Band nm 1540~1560
Insertion Loss Com→Ref dB ≤0.6 (Typ.0.4)
Com→Pass dB ≤0.8 (Typ.0.6)
Isolation Com→Ref dB ≥15 
Com→Pass dB ≥30 
PDL dB ≤0.1 
Return Loss dB ≥45 
Directivity dB ≥50 
Operating  Temperature -5~+70 
Storage Temperature -40~+85 
Size mm φ5.5x38
Power Handling mW ≤300

Note:All the data above does not include connectors.


Ordering Information:

Product Type 534=1550 Pass/1310&1490 reflect
345=1310&1490 Pass/1550 reflect
Fiber Type 1=G652D,  2=G657A1
Package Dimension

C=5.5x38mm steel tube,  D=90x20x9.5mm Plastic Box

1G=1 Slot LGX Box, 1U=19'' 1U Rack Mount

Pigtail Type

B=250um Bare Fiber,L=900um Loose Tube, S=2.0mm, R=3.0mm


Pigtail Length 05=0.5m, 10=1m, 15=1.5m, 20=2m,0=Adaptor